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Why You Should Use a Sales Coach

There are many advantages to hiring an external sales coach. One of the main ones being that you don’t have to deal with office politics. Using an external coach instead of a boss or a colleague means you remove any interpersonal conflicts, the pressure to outperform the competition and other things that can make the process more difficult.

Another major advantage is that an outsider like me may have an easier time to see things from the client’s perspective and therefore point out potential for improvement concerning things like product knowledge and company information. And of course working with a personal cheerleader by your side mays give a certain energy boost.

Sales Tips from the Coach

Make sure to keep good notes on the information you manage to aquire.

Personal Feedback for the Best Sales Technique

The most important thing a sales coach can share is their experience. I have been where your sales people are. I have made call after call, worked from templates, created new templates, succeeded, failed, finetuned and triumphed once more.

My goal with our coaching sessions is that you and your team find a sales manner that fits you and, more importantly, fits your client. That’s why I sit with each salesperson individually and give constructive feedback on their sales technique and how it might be improved.

Sales Coaching Includes

Call monitoring and feedback

Logbook for self study

Follow-up over time (as agreed)

1-2 hours per salesperson and occasion


Being able to bring in new clients continuously is vital to any company. We develop a prospect package tailored for your organization. I help you strategically and operatively with things like defining your target groups, constructing pitches and creating documents and campaigns.

Together, we create a red thread through your whole strategic and tactical sales work so that your sales division quickly finds its feet and delivers results.

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