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I Want to Help You Do More Business Through Cold Calling

Hi and welcome to Cold Calls – Inspiration & Motivation!

My name is Emelie Löwenberg and I love working with outreach sales. During my years in the business – whether working strategically or in a call center – cold calling has always been my way forward.

I want cold calls to become your way forward as well so that you and your team can book more meetings, bring in more clients and make more deals. I want to accomplish this by inspiring, motivating and educating you and your staff in the art of cold call selling.

Follow along and let me tell you more.

Best regards,
Emelie Löwenberg

Sales Tips from the Coach

Show your competence while speaking to garner interest and demonstrate that you understand the customer’s problem.

Experience Based and Quality Assured Content

Working in sales is a singular experience, even more so working in outreach sales and telemarketing. Just how singular, you won’t really get until you’ve been there. I made a living field selling in the telecom industry for two years on 100 per cent commission and it was tough, really tough.

After that, I’ve held a more strategic role as partner manager, where I’ve done things like organizing meeting booking activities for partners. I have had several freelance booking gigs. During one commission, the client raised the compensation 100 per cent.

Beyond that, I have attended a two years course in Sales & Marketing, at which point I also took the opportunity to quality assure my talks in a comprehensive marketing survey.

When you prepare to book a meeting – do you think about all the amazing opportunities this may lead you to in terms of business and contacts? Or do you feel that you’re simply calling and bothering people who don’t want to talk to you?

I will help you find the joy in cold calling!

Very Knowledgeable

Emelie held a course for us on the subject of booking and how to master cold calls, something we mean to work with a lot in preparing our sales people. The course was very up-to-date and well executed. Emelie comes across as very knowledgeable and with good presentation skills.

The feedback from our sales people was very good and the number of meetings booked went up after the course, we'd recommend Emelie Löwenberg at any time.

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