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Why Cold Calling?

Digital marketing has potential to increase the number of warms leads, but the competition for the client’s attention is fierce. Cold calls are needed to:

  • Penetrate the noise
  • Get direct contact with the right person
  • Book more sales meetings

Are your salespeople lacking in motivation? Sometimes all it takes is someone bringing some fresh air into the room along with a new perspective in order for the sales curve to rise again. Book a motivational talk and see how it changes the energy and boosts results.

Book a full day of sales training with lectures, workshops and coaching in one. We cover both hard and soft values, so your salespeople can find their motivation while getting valuable tips and tools that lead to new sales.

Nothing beats direct and honest feedback when in comes to quickly advancing your sales technique. With one-on-one coaching, your salespeople get the benefit of live support in their workplace and practical advice on how to further their development.

Open Talks

Do you find cold calling troublesome or intimidating? Do you want your team to book more meetings without warm leads? In my open talks, I share my experiences with outreach sales in an entertaining, exciting, and inspiring way.

With a mix of personal anecdotes, proven examples and practical tips, I help you and your team achieve a more positive mindset when it comes to cold calling.

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Sales Tips from the Coach

Prepare a list of companies. Reserve some time to focus on calling them.


Being able to bring in new clients continuously is vital to any company. We develop a prospect package tailored for your organization. I help you strategically and operatively with things like defining your target groups, constructing pitches and creating documents and campaigns.

Together, we create a red thread through your whole strategic and tactical sales work so that your sales division quickly finds its feet and delivers results.

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When I think back on all the fantastic adventures that cold calling has brought me on there are many fond memories associated with that. In addition to meetings and new business, cold calling has also given me good friends and career opportunities I never would have expected.

Skilled Presenter

Emelie is a very skilled presenter, she has substantial experience in the area. Facts that she presents are well linked to personal experiences which I find very valuable.

Emelie shares many keys/tools that have helped me in my daily work and I've become more motivated to cold call.

I'd warmly recommend Emelie's presentations to anyone who wants to get better at cold calling!

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