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Get Those Energy Levels Up and Your Sales Numbers Too!

In The Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions we learn that everything we attempt generally goes just a little bit better if we have a positive attitude. The salesperson who brings a positive attitude to an appointment booking gets more creative, comes up with more approaches, is “luckier” with the customers and simply sells more.

Honest stories about failures can also give an important recognition factor that helps people handle their own fears and adversities. Colombia University even think it’s important enough to dedicate a whole center to finding out how failures can help in study purposes.

My inspirational talk contains personal anecdotes about both triumphs and failures, while at the same time offering tools and methods that can be used in the daily sales grind. The content of the talk can be tailored as can its duration.

Sales Tips from the Coach

Keep a running tally of how many calls you make and how many people you actually manage to talk to.

A Ton of Practical Advice

A positive attitude is definitely an important factor when it comes to succeeding with your cold calls, but of course it usually takes a bit more to get that sell. What do you do if the operator doesn’t want to connect you to the right person? Who even is the right person to talk to and which are the magic words that will close the deal?

There are no magic words, but there are arguments that work on different personas, there are attitudes and tricks that get you past the gatekeeper, and there are many good examples to learn from. In my talk, I will touch on some of them.

We all have days that just aren’t that much fun.

It may feel like the work is pointless and like we’re stuck in the same place no matter how many calls we make. But things can turn around any moment, because the next call may be the one that changes your whole day, your month, or your quarter!

Open Talks

Do you work alone or at a smaller company? In my open talks, I share my experiences with outreach sales with those who aren’t in a position to book a tailored inspirational talk, but still want to boost their sales numbers.

With a mix of personal anecdotes, proven examples and practical tips, I help you and your team achieve a more positive mindset when it comes to cold calling.

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