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9 out of 10 Are More Motivated to Sell After Sales Training

Whether you have a bunch of junior salespeople needing a good foundation in sales or old pros who need an energy boost, repetition and new ways of looking at things, sales training is a good idea. I tailor the day to your needs and there is room for both laughter, team building and in-depth analysis.

With lectures, a workshop and one-on-one coaching, we cover just about everything you could hope to find in a full day course, and more! It’s also possible to buy additional consulting hours for help with prospecting, or more coaching sessions to get that extra boost in sales.

Sales Tips from the Coach

Always find a time for a follow-up and follow up!

Inspirational Talk

The course includes a lecture jampacked full of inspiration and material for consideration and discussion. We go over best-practices for cold calling and I give concrete advice on how to sell without prompting.


During a focused workshop, we discuss questions from the lectures, build mind map structures for call tweaking, objection handling and more, to support the daily sales work.


The coaching is done one-on-one. I sit and monitor each salesperson’s call and give them personal feedback on strengths and which areas have room for improvement. Also includes written feedback for self-study.

Sales Course Setup

Lecture: 90 minutes

Workshop: X number of hourse depending on group size

Coaching: 1-2 hours per salesperson

The course can be tailored as needed.

Huge Commitment

Emelie saw us through the ”Cold call” course with a huge sense of commitment and demonstrates a good knowledge of the subject.
She delights in sharing her own experiences giving the participants good tips on how to improve interactions with customers.

Very professional!

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